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Punzonadoras de barra Serie Estándarl de EHRT

Modelos disponibles:
HC 40-6 CNC, HC 40-10 CNC

EHRT es fabricante líder de máquinas de punzonado y doblado de material en barra (busbar / barras de distribución) desde hace más de 50 años. Las dobladoras EHRT cuentan con tecnología patentada única de doblez con compensación por recuperación que garantiza una precisión nunca antes vista en materiales planos, mientras que los sistemas de corte y punzonado EHRT son rápidos y eficientes, logrando hasta 200 golpes de punzonado por minuto.


La línea de punzonadoras de barras de cobre Holecut Standard fue desarrollada especialmente para el procesamiento eficaz de punzonados metálicos y se caracteriza por su gran flexibilidad y precisión. Ideal para la fabricación eficiente y rentable de piezas individuales y de pocas series.

Capacidad de punzonado: 40 toneladas

Capacidad de trabajo: 15 – 200 mm (ancho) x 3 – 10 mm (espesor) x 30 – 6,000 mm (largo)

Herramientas: 6 o 10 estaciones

Diámetro de orificio: 32 mm (max.)

CNC punching machine

  • Holecut 40-6 CNC
  • With the Quick Change System for 6 EHRT tools
  • Holecut 40-10 CNC
  • With the Quick Change System for 10 EHRT tools
  • Acceleration Package
  • Increases the punching rate from 80 up to 240 strokes/min with stroke control
Calculation software PowerCut

Calculation software PowerCut

  • PowerCut – Network Version
  • For connecting an EHRT machine to a shared data base
Infeed roller table

Infeed roller table

  • For material length 4m
How it works

How it works

  • Automatically calculates the maximum number of pieces to be punched (for example 18 pieces of a bar of 6000 mm). Once the desired number of work pieces is entered, the bar is pushed toward the stop. The machine is fully automated once the production process is launched
Work pieces

Work pieces

  • The EHRT Holecut Standard Line punching machines rapidly processes flat profile bars up to 16 mm thick and 160 mm wide


  • The work piece is clamped laterally by an exchangeable transport gripper. The gripper pulls it through the machine along the x-axis in order to avoid damaging the work piece. In addition, the work piece is clamped sideways outside the punching area with each punching stroke which also allows the punching of slightly deformed material
Punching area

Punching area

  • The great advantage of lateral clamping is that press cuts are allowed throughout the whole work piece including the border. This eliminates the restrictions of traditional clamping jaws
Tool change system

Tool change system

  • The linear tool carrier (y-axis) has four stations that hold three punching tools and one cutting tool. All EHRT punching machines are equipped with a special plug-in system for a quick and easy change of tools. There is no need to screw anything together. Punches and dies can be changed rapidly meaning less machine downtime

Continuous development

  • During the development of our latest line of punching machines, customer requests and suggestions have been implemented. We also placed a great importance on optimizing ergonomics
Punching software PowerCut

unching software PowerCut

  • Easy Handling
  • The Microsoft Windows® based software PowerCut is very easy to learn. CNC programming skills are not required. All the punches in a work piece are shown on the screen making programming mistakes easily detected. When selecting a new piece, all the necessary tooling changes are displayed. Software training is minimized by the menu-driven software. Operators can soon program work pieces by themselves. PowerCut scans each program for possible collisions before transferring it to the control unit. This eliminates most handling errors. The software can be used in millimetres or inches
  • Program Storage
  • The program for each work piece can be stored as alphanumeric names up to 16 digits. More than 200.000 parts can be stored which can be located easily by using the search and sort options
  • Networking
  • Networking with other EHRT machines and external workstations is supported
  • Languages
  • Software languages: German, English, Russian, French, Finnish

Sound insolation for the hydraulic unit

  • Noise reduction down to below 70 dB with removable noise insulation elements and highly compressed mineral wool DIN 4102 the roof is equipped with a special fan

Automatic infeeding system

  • Vertical
  • Up to 10 bars with a material length up to 4,2m 2,5m table width incl. software integration for higher material lengths on request
  • Horizontal
  • Up to 4,2 m material length serviceable table length 2,5 m e.g. 50 mm material width = 50 bar stock incl. software integration for higher material lengths on request


  • Gripper Jaws
  • Straight width 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 mm
  • Special Grippers
  • E.g. for rounded material

Thread forming

  • Thread Forming Station
  • Incl. a Quick Change Tool for one thread size (M4 to M12) with thread insert tool and two thread formers
  • Only with Accelerated Verison

Coining nubs

  • Lift Table
  • For coining nubs and two-sided coining of letters and symbols at the workpiece
  • Special coining tool
  • Up to a material width of 12 mm (4,72’’) and 4 mm nub height (1,57’’) price without punches and dies
  • Special set of gripper jaws
  • Thickness 3, 5 or 8 mm
  • Coining Tool
  • Incl. punch guide and punch applicable as a nub die in the tool carrier

Profile punching

  • Punching of Profiles up to 40 mm height (1.57”) and 80 mm material width (3.15”)*
  • Incl. a special tool, special down holder, special clamps on the inlet One set special grippers
  • Punching of Profiles 11.400,00 up to 52 mm height (2”) and 80 mm material width (3.15”)*
  • Incl. a special tool, special down holder, special clamps on the inlet two special grippers. Standard tools cannot be used at that tool position. Therefor we recommend ordering the cutting tool with special design, which can be used in this station
  • *Without punches and dies
  • EHRT Quick Change System
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool
  • Complete tool without punches and dies
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool for Round Holes
  • ø 3,0 – 31,9 mm = ø 0,1 – 1,25″ shank guided punch
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool for Round Holes
  • ø 3,0 – 31,9 mm = ø 0,1 – 1,25″ guided at the cutting edge
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool for Profiled Holes
  • Cladding circle ø 3,0 – 32,0 mm = ø 0,1 – 1,25″
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool for Cutting
  • 32,0 x 8,0 mm
  • EHRT Quick Change Tool
  • Geneva Cross for flanging radius and other special shapes
  • Tool Body
  • Body of the EHRT Quick Change Tool
  • Tool Guide
  • Carrier of the lower sleeve guide
  • Split Punch Retainer
  • Carrier for punches
  • Punch Guide
  • For round punches, shank guided
  • For round punches, cutting edge guided
  • For profiled holes
  • For special shapes

Calculation software PowerCut

  • PowerCut
  • Windows® based punching software for programming the machine
  • PowerCut – Office Version
  • Punching software for programming the workpieces on an external Windows® PC incl. DXF import
  • PunchPro – Nesting Software
  • For material and time optimisation connection to ERP system provided by EHRT

Infeed roller table

  • For material length 4m or 6m

Additional conveyor belt

  • 2m (78.7”) or 4m (78.7”) conveyor length
  • For additional Ejector and special functions

Ejector with sorting function

  • Additional pushing station
  • Two throw-off position can be enabled by software keys
  • Including software integration

Workpiece marking

  • Dot Marking Tool
  • Integrated in machine frame for direct marking of workpieces – needling and engraving title block 60 x 40 mm incl. software integration
  • Dot Marking Station
  • Modul outside the machine for direct marking of workpieces – needling and engraving title block 100 x 200 mm from the top incl. software integration
  • Modul outside the machine for direct marking of workpieces – needling and engraving title block 60 x 40 mm from the side minimum material thickness 10mm incl. software integration
  • Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • For direct marking of workpieces on the fly two-line labeling incl. software integration
  • Barcode Label Printer
  • For marking of workpieces via punching software PowerCut incl. computer cards and software
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Labeling of the workpiece by PowerCut (machine software) incl. special software and hardware

Tool cabinet

  • All tools in gripping distance. Incl. special carrier for 20 EHRT tools (up to 200mm)

Deburring machine

  • With supporting table, machine column and spare fan-shaped washer

Punches (HSS)

  • All punches incl. TiCN coating* for 3-fold lifetime applies for copper without regrinding for ordering two equal punches 10% discount
  • Round Punches Form D*
  • ø 8,0 – 9,9 mm (shank ø 10 mm = 0,39″)
  • ø 10,0 – 12,9 mm (shank ø 13 mm = 0,51″)
  • ø 13,0 – 15,9 mm (shank ø 16 mm = 0,63″)
  • ø 16,0 – 19,9 mm (shank ø 20 mm = 0,79″)
  • ø 20,0 – 24,9 mm (shank ø 25 mm = 0,98″)
  • ø 25,0 – 31,9 mm (shank ø 32 mm = 1,26″)
Oblong Punches Oblong Punches Rectangular Punches Square Punches
Form E* Form C* Form A* Form B*
  • Rectangular punches with rounded edges
  • Increases the lifetime of square and rectangular punches (e.g. R = 0,5 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 8,1 – 10,0 mm (shank ø 10 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 10,1 – 13,0 mm (shank ø 13 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 13,1 – 16,0 mm (shank ø 16 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 16,1 – 20,0 mm (shank ø 20 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 20,1 – 25,0 mm (shank ø 25 mm)
  • cladding circle ø 25,1 – 32,0 mm (shank ø 32 mm)
Punches with Rounded Edges
  • Geneva Cross and Special Punches*
  • cladding circle ø 25,1 – 32,0 mm (shank ø 32 mm) for R 5 mm to R 15 mm
  • cladding circle ø 32,1 – 43,0 mm (shank ø 32 mm) for R 15 mm to R 20 mm
  • *All punches incl. TiCN coating
  • Balinit® Futura Nano (TiAlN) Coating (on request)
  • Incl. polishing and coating applies for aluminium and copper
Technical Datas Punching Machines Standard Line
HC 40-6 CNC HC 40-10 CNC
Punching Force 400 kN
Punching Pressure max. 280 bar
Punching System Hydraulic with solenoid valves, oil volume 160l
Stroke Rate 80/min; optional up to 240/min
Dimensions of work piece
Width 15 – 200mm; 0.6 – 5.9“
Thickness 3 – 10 mm (Steel); 0.1 – 0.4“
3 – 16 mm (Copper/Aluminum); 0.1 – 0.6“
Length 30 – 6000 mm (higher lengths optional); 1.2 – 236“
Oddment Length min. 40 mm; min. 1.6“
Number of punching tools 6 10
Hole Diameter max. 32 mm
Regrind of punch and die plate max. 3 mm each; 0.12“
Positioning Speed x-axis 80 m/min
Axis Acceleration 3,5 m/s2
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm +/- 0.005“
Production Accuracy +/- 0.15 mm + (L/4.000) +/- 0.006“ + (L/157.5)
3 CNC Axis x-axis For transport gripper
y-axis For die carrier
z-axis For punching cylinder
Power Unit of CNC axes digital three-phase AC servomotor with gear and gear rack
CNC Control Beckhoff
Control Unit Industrial PC running Windows XP® or higher
Electrical Standards According to VDE
Electrical Connected Load 7,5 KW (12 KW optional)
Finishing RAL 5010 Gentian Blue, Doors and Coverings RAL 7035 Light Grey
Safety Installations All danger zones are secured according to CE standards (Cat. 2)

Servicio autorizado y refacciones en México

EHRT cuenta con su distribuidor autorizado, Mercado Machinery, que desde 1991 ofrece en México asesoría técnica, servicio, refacciones y herramientas. En caso de cualquier problema técnico que no pueda solucionarse por teléfono, Mercado Machinery se compromete a una respuesta de 24 horas máximo para tener en su planta a un ingeniero de servicio calificado en reparaciones de cualquier equipo EHRT.


Mercado Machinery garantiza su línea completa de dobladoras y punzonadoras de barra de cobre (busbar) EHRT por defectos en los materiales o en la mano de obra por los siguientes períodos:

  • Partes y refacciones: 12 meses
  • Mano de obra: 12 meses
  • De acuerdo a la póliza de garantía de Mercado Machinery

Instalación y capacitación

  • Supervisión de instalación
  • Puesta en marcha
  • Capacitación de operación
  • Capacitación de mantenimiento de rutina
  • Programación (cuando se requiera)

Soporte técnico en campo y asistencia telefónica