Dobladoras de barras de cobre

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¡Financiamiento disponible hasta 48 meses!

Dobladoras de barra Serie Estándar de EHRT

Modelos disponibles:
EB 20 CNC, EB 30 CNC, EB 40 CNC, EB 60 CNC

EHRT es fabricante líder de máquinas de punzonado y doblado de material en barra (busbar / barras de distribución) desde hace más de 50 años. Las dobladoras EHRT cuentan con tecnología patentada única de doblez con compensación por recuperación que garantiza una precisión nunca antes vista en materiales planos, mientras que los sistemas de corte y punzonado EHRT son rápidos y eficientes, logrando hasta 200 golpes de punzonado por minuto.


Las dobladoras de barras de cobre línea Standard de EHRT son máquinas de doblado CNC extremadamente poderosas que permiten la producción de piezas únicas y series pequeñas de forma tan precisa y eficiente como las partes fabricadas en serie.

Modelos desde 20 hasta 60 toneladas

Capacidad de doblez desde 160 x 12 mm hasta 260 x 20 mm

Largos hasta 350 mm

CNC – Bending machine

  • EB 20 CNC
  • For material width up to 160 mm = 6.3″
  • EB 30 CNC
  • For material width up to 160 mm = 6.3″
  • EB 40 CNC
  • For material width up to 200 mm = 8.0″
  • EB 60 CNC
  • For material width up to 260 mm = 10.0″

Modular construction

  • The reason behind the design of our Standard Line was to bring high flexibility to our customers. The basic machine supports mobile use and can even be transported to a construction site with little effort. It is suitable for serial production with an NC stop, a work bench, and Windows® Software. Its modular construction offers an affordable entry into the EHRT bending technology

Work pieces

  • With a bending force of 200 kN, the EB 20 CNC is able to bend materials of up to 200 mm in width and 30 mm in thickness

CNC stop

  • The EHRT bending features a CNC stop with a traverse path of approximately 2000 mm. The bending software PowerBend accurately calculates the flat length as well as the stop position and transfers the results directly to the CNC control unit. High production accuracy is assured

Angular measurement

  • Our measuring accuracy is 0.1º. This is attained by using bending prisms with electronic angular measurement technology. The computer then calculates the required final stroke. The spring back of every bend is compensated regardless of material type. Our high angle accuracy of +/- 0.2º is achieved instantly with the first work piece. No adjustments are required. Material waste amounts will drop considerably. Even inconsistencies within a single piece of material are automatically adjusted

Stroke measurement

  • If the bending prisms with integrated angular measurement cannot be used due to their size, bending prisms without angular measurements can be used. Perhaps the distance between two bends is too short. In such cases the control unit can be switched from angular to stroke measurement. This method allows the selection of the bending ram distance. Setting accuracy is +/- 0.1 mm. A final stroke is usually not required

On-Going development

  • This line was developed by incorporating many customer requests plus our own 50 years of experience in the bending machine industry. This machine is our most ergonomic machine to date

Bending software PowerBend

  • Easy Handling
  • The Microsoft Windows® based software, PowerBend, is easy to learn. No CNC programming skills are required. All necessary inputs are prompted and displayed on the screen. Inputs can be corrected at any time and minimum distances are checked instantly to guard against improper inputs. The operator is allowed to use outside, inside, center line, and radius dimensions. Software can be switched between mm and inches
  • Calculated Values
  • The PowerBend software automatically calculates the flat length of each part being bent and determines the exact position of the side stop. Up to three bends can be calculated for one work piece
  • Program Storage
  • The program for each work piece can be stored as alphanumeric names up to 24 digits. The database allows storage of more than 200.000 different parts which can be located easily using the search and sort options
  • Languages
  • Software languages: German, English, Russian, French, Finnish

Calculation software PowerBend

  • PowerBend – Network Version
  • For connecting an EHRT machine to a shared data base

CNC operated side stop

    Calculation of the side stop position by PowerBend
  • Traverse path ca. 1.500 mm
  • Traverse path ca. 2.000 mm
  • Side table

    • Made of stainless steel to support the material during bending
    • Left table
    • Right table

    Calculation software PowerBend

    • PowerBend
    • Windows® based bending software for programming the machine
    • PowerBend – Office Version
    • Bending software for programming the workpieces on an external Windows® PC incl. DXF import

    Bending tools

    • With integrated electronic angle measurement
    Tool Dimension distance between bending bolts [mm] EB 30 CNC tool height 160 mm = 6.3″ EB 40 CNC tool height 200 mm = 8″ EB 60 CNC tool height 260 mm = 10″

    Bending prism

    • Without angle measurement
    Tool dimension prism width [mm] Tool height 160 mm = 6.3″ Tool height 200 mm = 8″ Tool height 260 mm = 10″

    Bending former

    Radius R [mm] Tool height 160 mm = 6.3″ Tool height 200 mm = 8″ Tool height 260 mm = 10″

    Bending mandrel short

    • Without brace support for U-Bendings (inside 50 mm) for material width up to 50 mm = 2.0″
    • Standard radii: 3 / 5 / 10 mm

    Bending mandrel

    • Without brace support for U-Bends (inside 120 mm) for material width up to 120 mm = 4.7″
    • Standard radii: 3 / 5 / 10 mm


    • For bending tools
    • Tool height 160 mm = 6.3″
    • Tool height 200 mm = 8″
    • Tool height 260 mm = 10″

    Bending mandrel

    • For U-bends
    Radius R [mm] Tool height 160 mm = 6.3″ Tool height 200 mm = 8″ Tool height 260 mm = 10″

    Additional split bending die

    • For edge bending tool
    • For example: insert R60 for material width 60

    Additional insert

    • For twist tool
    • For example: for material 60 x 5 mm includes inserts for adaption of height and inserts adaption of width

    Brace for bending mandrels

    • Suitable for EB 20 CNC
    • Suitable for EB 30 CNC, EB 40 CNC
    • Suitable for EB 60 CNC

    Barcode scanner

    • Automatic program fetch by scanning
    • Incl. required computer cards and software

    Tool cabinet

    • All tools in gripping distance
    • Incl. special carrier for EHRT tools up to 260mm

    Edge bending tool set

    • With electronic angle measurement
    • Incl. a split bending die
    • Tool dimension 130 – 550 mm = 5.0–22.0″(distance between bending bolts)
    • Bending die R20–120 mm = 0.8 – 4.7″

    Brace for edge bending tool

    • Necessary for tool sizes smaller than 320 mm

    Edge bending tool “3 in 1“

    • With electronic angle measurement three bending distances in one tool!
    Edge bending tool „3 in 1“ Distance of the
    bending bolts [mm]
    Inner bending
    radius [mm]
    Material [mm]
    Dimension 390/470/550 550 R120 120 X 10
    470 R100 100 x 10
    390 R80 80 x 10
    Dimension 220/300/380 380 R76 76 x 10
    300 R60
    60 x 10
    50 x 10
    220 R40
    40 x 10
    30 x 10

    Split bending die

    • For edge bending tool “3 in 1” to close and open bending dies manually for example: insert R60 for material width 60

    Offset bending tool set

    • Tool dimension 120 mm
    • Tool dimension 160 mm
    • Tool dimension 200 mm
    • Bending radius, distance between the radii and step height to customer specification

    Torsion tool (patented)

    • To twist busbars up to 90°
    • Material thickness 3 – 15 mm = 0.1 – 0.6″
    • Material width 20 – 125 mm = 0.8 – 4″
    • Incl. one set of inserts for one material size

    Twist tool (patented) with angle measurement

    • To twist busbars up to 90°
    • Material thickness 3 – 15 mm = 0.1 – 0.6″
    • Material width 20 – 125 mm = 0.8 – 5″
    • Incl. one set of inserts for one material size

    Bending tool for rod

    • Incl. one set of inserts for one material size

    Zeroing block

    • For referencing all bending tools

    Hydraulic oil

    • For initial filling 12 liters
    Technical datas bending machines Standard Line
    EB 20 CNC EB 30 CNC EB 40 CNC EB 60 CNC
    Press capacity 200 kN 300 kN 400 kN 600 kN
    Stroke max. 100 mm; 4″ 200 mm; 8″ 200 mm; 8″ 350 mm; 13,5″
    Work pieces (e.g. Cu)
    Flat max. 160 x 12 mm max. 160 x 20 mm max. 200 x 20 mm max. 260 x 20 mm
    Upright max. 15 x 5 mm max. 120 x 10 mm max. 120 x 10 mm max. 160 x 10 mm
    Torsion max. 125 x 10 mm max. 125 x 10 mm max. 160 x 10 mm
    Bending system Hydraulic
    Working cylinder above Underneath above
    Hydraulic pressure 280 bar
    Bending accuracy 0,2°
    Rapid movement 10 mm/s; 0,4 inch/s
    Inching 5 mm/s; 0,2 inch/s
    Return stroke Adjustable
    Working height 900 mm, 34 inch
    Electrical standards According to VDE
    Electrical connected load 2,5 kW 3 kW 4 kW
    Side stop Fully CNC controlled
    Control unit Industrial PC running Windows XP or higher
    Software PowerBend; Calcuation of the developed length for up
    to 15 bends; storage for more than 200.000 parts
    Network-compatible Yes
    Finishing RAL 5010 Gentian Blue; Doors and Coverings RAL 7035 Light Grey
    Safety installations All danger zones are secured according to CE standards (Cat 2)

    Servicio autorizado y refacciones en México

    EHRT cuenta con su distribuidor autorizado, Mercado Machinery, que desde 1991 ofrece en México asesoría técnica, servicio, refacciones y herramientas. En caso de cualquier problema técnico que no pueda solucionarse por teléfono, Mercado Machinery se compromete a una respuesta de 24 horas máximo para tener en su planta a un ingeniero de servicio calificado en reparaciones de cualquier equipo EHRT.


    Mercado Machinery garantiza su línea completa de dobladoras y punzonadoras de barra de cobre (busbar) EHRT por defectos en los materiales o en la mano de obra por los siguientes períodos:

    • Partes y refacciones: 12 meses
    • Mano de obra: 12 meses
    • De acuerdo a la póliza de garantía de Mercado Machinery

    Instalación y capacitación

    • Supervisión de instalación
    • Puesta en marcha
    • Capacitación de operación
    • Capacitación de mantenimiento de rutina
    • Programación (cuando se requiera)

    Soporte técnico en campo y asistencia telefónica